Service Rate

Toyota Alphard 5 Seats

Rent 1 – 6 DayPrice7,000Baht per day
Rent 7 – 10 DayPrice6,500Baht per day
Rent 11 +morePrice6,000Baht per day

Rate Out of Bangkok ( up-country )

Rent Price 8,000 Baht per day



  • Exclude Gasoline, toll(express way), Parking Lot, and other expense with travel
  • Period of Working day = 10 Hour per day (Starts from the time you get on it.)
  • Rate Overtime = 300 Baht per hour
  • If you are traveling to up-country .And you don‘t have a meal and accommodation.
    for the driver. I Would like to add allowances to the driver 800 baht per night.
  • Limit passengers up to five persons.
  • Please pay the deposit 30% of all the price.
  • To Cancel the trip after you pay the deposit. If you cancel before 7 days, We will
    to pay the deposit back to you. But after 7 days, We reserves the right to pay back.
  • To cancel or reduce the number of days traveling between work. We will charge
    full refund as agreed in the quotation.

**Rental prices monthly and yearly contact us Tel. 085-232-4449, 02-722-1335